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I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your staff.  I recently needed one block of the month kit to replace one that I made a mistake on and even though I didn't do the original BOM at Stitchin Heaven your staff were more than happy to help me out.  I will definately come back for BOM programs and other item I need because I know I will get quality product for a good price with great customer service.  Thank you so much. ~ Debbie M, Newport News, VA

I recently miss-cut one of the fabrics for my block of the month. I was so upset with myself! I called up and spoke to the customer service department and with in two days I received m a piece of replacement fabric in the mail. As always awesome customer service, and my block of the month is turning out beautifully! ~ Mary S

Thank you so very much for my order, I cannot express the joy it was to open my box.  I have been on many quilting shops on line, you are by far the BEST, your friendship is felt in every thing you do, I feel part of your family after my first order.  Thank you sooooo much. ~ Merle

FANTASTIC!!!!! Best quilting website I have ever seen. CONGRATULATIONS. ~ Many thanks Merle

Good morning, Ladies! I just want to say again how impressed I am with your service.  I ordered this fat quarter special on Thursday and had it in my hands on Saturday afternoon and am more than pleased with what I received. 

You guys are AWESOME! ~ Jonnie N

I bought Ripples and reflections block of the month 3years ago.  I gave up twice but started up again this year and it is now finished and sent to a long arm quilter. I did not realise It was so big.  It looks wonderful and an amazing design. Thank you. Elisabeth

I want to thank you for the BOM for the Forest Galorest.  I am so excited about working on it, and have almost finished appliqueing one block.  All of the fabrics are so beautiful and I just cannot thank you enough for working with me on this project. ~ Nannette G of Richardson, TX


I have been receiving your emails for a few years now and wish I lived in your area!!  You offer so many classes, events, guest speakers and trips that I am envious of your fortunate quilters who are able to take advantage.  Keep up the good work.  If I am in the Mineola, Texas, I will definitely visit your shop.  Maybe, if the our schedules are compatible, I would love to take a class. ~ Carol O. of Kenosha, WI

I just received notification that you have received my order and was reminded to sign up for "Hot Flashes". 

I just want you to know how much I look forward to receiving it.  I read all of it, look at the new fabric lines and check out anything that catches my eye.  But one of the best parts is your "on the lighter side".  Thanks for adding laughter to my day.  Often I have copied that and sent it on to someone who needs a good laugh.  I have shared without permission. Forgive me.  One of the things observed about most quilters is that they often have a very giving and sharing spirit and I assume you have that same spirit. 

Keep up the good work.  You do a GREAT job.  I received a few updates from quilt shops.  YOURS IS THE BEST!

Thank you for a job well done! ~ Vi

You all are sooooo lucky to have these talented people visit your shop.....................wish I lived closer..................I am in your website!

Hi. My Moochas Poochas quilt kit arrived in the post today and I would like to thank you for the excellent packaging and presentation and fast postage.  Thank you for the fat quarter and ruler that you included.  Also I absolutlely love the backing fabric that you selected for me.  Well done all round.  I will certainly be shopping with you again - hopefully many times in the future.

Have a great day:-) Many thanks ~ Lynda B

Hello there. I just thought I would drop you a line. I have been thinking if I had a business like yours I would like to know a bit about my customers. So I thought I will let you know about me and why I have become one of your customers. Firstly I am in my 50's I have three children and six grandchildren. My mother taught me to sew and when my children were younger I made all their clothes. I live in a rural dairy farming area with my husband, we employ people to milk our cows so it gives me some spare time most of which I use to make quilts.
Quilts have become my passion I live 6 hours drive away from a very good patchwork/ fabric shop so I had to find other ways to source my fabric and that is where you come in. I do not do face book or twitter indeed I am not very good as far as computer skills are concerned. My daughter taught me how to contact you and today I sneaked another order in. It did ask for me to comment on face book but this is as good as it will get.I needed a coffee after I put my order in as I prayed I got it right. I must have done because you did an automatic reply.
My real passion is the civil war quilts I love the colours and the history behind the quilts. About 10 years ago I came across the "Dear Jane" book and nearly cried when I saw your block of the month, you will see I am waiting to start, I am really looking forward to it. I did start the quilt but found I just did not have the skills to do, I am sure you will help me out with that. Oh to live near Texas and join your class and trips that would be wonderful, I will just have to enjoy looking at it all via the internet. I never thought there would be a time that I would be able to connect with the USA and all the wonderful quilts. Thank you ~ Kerstin W

I just received my Bali Wedding Ring kit.  I am so impressed with your packing and choice of fabrics!!  You will be one of my favorite fabric quilt shops and I'll be a long-time customer.  Love your website and want to visit your shop. As a former quilting buyer for G Street Fabrics in VA and a retired quilt store manager, this is high praise that ya'll certainly deserve. Thanks so much!! ~ Linda C in Greensboro, NC

Great website! ~ Karen W in Tyler, Tx

Beautiful site, enjoyed the lighter side. ~ Tammy W.

Thank you for having a great website and for offering such wonderful products and extras! ~ Judy W. in Arlington

Thank you so much. I was afraid you would be out of that fabric. I was a little panicky. Sorry!

Everything has been going together so nicely and the fabric pieces to everything else was more than ample. I would definately participate in another BOM from your shop. It's been a very pleasant experience!

Thank you again for you quick response, and assistance. ~ Janis

Hi, Deb. I just wanted to reach out and thank you personally for the detailed info you posted on your site about how to do a lighting plan for a sewing studio. I’ve purchased three different “design your dream studio” type books and none of them was as helpful as your post as far as lighting is concerned. Thanks to you, my husband added four can lights to my sewing room AND I just ordered a 200 watt industrial-style pendant task light for over my cutting table. Just think how much better my quilts will be once I can finally read the little markings on my rulers!

Anyway, I’m writing a post about the lighting for my sewing room on my own blog today, and I’ll be including a link back to your site to help others find you as well. Thanks so much! ~ Rebecca

First time purchasing on your site. It was very user friendly and I can't wait to start receiving my Block of the Months! THANKS for waiving start up fee for a second BOTM - It convinced me to get the second. ~ Melinda F in Texas

I just had to write to you.

I ordered the Dear Jane regular BOMs several years ago.....2006/7 I believe.  I never really had time to start them and just collected them in a box.  I since have retired, remarried and moved up into the remote mountains of NE Washington state.  Well, I have found a group and we all have decided to try Dear Jane.

I just had no idea how WONDERFUL your BOMS are.  I since have ordered many BOMS over the years from many different stores  and have often been so irritated.....frustrated......angry over missing months, missing fabrics, substituted fabrics.....confusing packets in which I didn't know what was what.  Going thru your packets is a JOY.  The fabrics are so nicely arranged, labeled.....the block directions are so wonderful.  I now am about half finished and relish each day when I start digging through my ordered packets to do a few more blocks.  They are put together with such professionalism and care.  I remember that at one time a block was sent incorrectly but I have found the paperwork notifiying me of the error immediately......and how it was corrected.

Great job, ladies.  Know you are appreciated. ~ Carrolyn V

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you so much. I received a package in the mail today from your shop and it had the Dear Jane software that I ordered. But... it also had a beautiful surprise fat quarter that is a lovely pink. This past week has been very stressful and having it be Friday and receiving that piece of fabric just made me smile. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your customer care. Thank you again. ~ Kristie M.

So glad I found your site today. Looking forward to shopping with you.

I absolutely adore your site.  You tempt me so often with your lovely fabrics and BOM's.
Living out in the mountains of Colorado does not make it easy to get to quilt shops so I love my favs online.  Thanks, Karen

I did your "Dancing with the Stars" BOM.  I earned a 1st place at our local fair.  It was my first paper pieced quilt and I loved it!  Thank You ~ BevSams

Received the kit.  Thank you so much.  Can't wait to get started..  Your customer service is the greatest.  Thanks again. ~ Elaine B.

I love/hate these wonderful newsletters!!!! I love to keep up with you all, but hate that I cannot be there!  Up in Ohio is a far piece away.  I will some day visit...My daughter and SIL  live in Santa Fe, Tx  so I plan on one day driving there when I visit. ~  Thanks Nancy

I just received my order via UPS yesterday--Amazon Star.  What a beautiful presentation you make!  I love it.  Thanks ~ Nancy M.

You are THE GREATEST QUILT SHOP.  Thank you VERY much ~ Judy H.

Just had to send you this email. Wow......I love your website. It's fun, lots of lovely things to buy and the home page is fantastic. I don't think there is any part I haven't been to for a look. I have subscribed to your Newsletter and I will be back often looking at your site. I went to America last year for the first time and feel in love with the place and people. I do hope to come back one day soon. ~ Thanks, Deb W in Australia

So excited thank you. Fabric has arrived. Best time of the month. Thank you guys I am hooked! Regards Belinda from GB.

I am so enjoying the Celebration Sampler BOM! Easy to follow instructions and just plain fun to do! Thank you for sending the extra 5X5 piece of light background, but had been able to get my piece from leftovers of the corners!Thanks again for the fun! You guys are GREAT! ~ Michelle D, Quincy WA

My husband and I are considering retiring in NE TX.  As a quilter, the first thing I did was google quilt shops.  WOW-what a treat your website is!!!!  I am sooooo impressed and can't wait to return for a closer look at real estate to also take in your shop.  Thanks for a well organized and exciting website.  Christine

Hi Vicki, I have receive the pattern I ordered. Thank you for good service. The Diamond Island Tote is very nice, I look forward to make it. From pleased buyer ~ Ester B, Norway

Today I received the quilt kit I ordered for the Bali Wedding Star. I just want to let everyone at Stitchin Heaven that I am so very pleased! I have not received a quilt kit packaged so nicely. I will continue to recommmend you to others and use your website for as much of my online quilt orders as possible. ~ Renee S.

I placed an order with you last Friday. What a wonderful surprise to receive my package yesterday and thank you for the free fat quarter. I have shopped with you on several occasions and I have been impressed every time! Thank you for such wonderful service!!!! ~ Renae M.

I just received my order of panel fabric that I have been searching for forever! I had sent an email asking if you had it because the last place I ordered, the website said it did, but they really didn't. My email response back was super prompt!  I placed my order and then when I received my package, it was like Christmas!  Not only did I get what I ordered, but all sorts of goodies came too!  How delightful!  I'm so excited I can't stand it!    I wish I could visit your store in person, but I will order in the future.  Thanks so much! ~ Kimberly

I love your products ~ Betty in Palm City, FL

I am so in love with 'Snow Days', am so excited to get started! I visit your website often - it's my mini retreat! ~ Pat

Dear Stitchin Heaven,
On 1/27 I ordered 2 yards of fabric from your company. The lady was very nice and professional who helped me. And today 1/30 I received my order. Not just the 2 yards of fabric but a lovely fat quarter too. This means a lot to the consumer and I wanted to thank you. I will be using your web site more. ~ Sincerely, Maryella

Hello. I just wanted to take time to let you know I got my package today and was so excited to open and find all the beautiful fabrics and it was packed so beautifully and the little extra gifts were very much appreciated. I am completely new to quilting but the bug bit me and now I’ve gone crazy. LOL. I will be back to your store because you have made me feel so welcome. I haven’t written anyone else and I’ve ordered a lot of fabric. It shows you took the time to make it seem like you really cared about my order. Thank you so very much. ~ Jane H

My husband and I had a wonderful time in your shop today. Lovely fabrics and the staff was so nice! ~ Susan H.

It was fun to visit your store a couple of weeks ago when my husband and I were on our way to a wedding in Dallas.  I just wanted to thank you for your friendly and helpful assistance, both about the store and in recommending a place to have lunch.  We enjoyed our visit to Quitman and Stitchin' Heaven very much. ~ Bobbie E.

This is my first Patchwork Party, and I am in love. I hope to do this forever (or at least the rest of my natural life). I love that it gives businesses who participate some exposure, and that the fabrics are so beautiful. I also fell in love with Marti Michel’s Perfect Templates. They are indeed! I have done applique for years, but little piecing, so started doing blocks of the month earlier this year, and am trying to perfect my piecing skills. Well, do I need to tell you, they have been perfect every time with these templates! I LOVE them. So thank you to whoever was the brain child of this wonderful experience. I look forward to many more. ~ Sylvia K.

I've been ordering by phone for a while now and I just want to tell you how polite and helpful your staff has always been.  It is a real pleasure to speak with whoever happens to answer the phone.  Love your website! ~ Delores N of Florida

I received my order from you today. I cannot express how pleased I am. I am an American living in Australia. There are many lovely quilting shops here but because of import fees and shipping the cost of fabric is sky high. I was so pleased to find the fabric I wanted as a kit on your web site. I also received my order pretty fast. I will be placing more orders with you. Thank you for the wonderful service. ~ Denise M.

Thank you for your communication, love your internet store and when I talk with your personnel in your store by phone I receive nothing short of extreme Texan hospitality. I live in the North Country near the canadian border in New York State and I make quilts for the local hospital and charity events. I belong to two quilt guilds. I buy from the local quilt stores but they don't have the variety and beautiful fabric that your store has. I recently retired at 65 and am looking forward to completeting all of my UFO's. I am sure your store will help supply me with the needed fabric. I am always your greatest fan and supporter............................a fellow quilter. ~ Terraine S.

We had a wonderful visit to Stitchin Heaven yesterday. Kathy was very pleasant and extremely helpful. Your store is a delight and very inspiring. I hope to return and use the online ordering often. ~ Thank you, Marge M

Hi!  I just received my order.  I love the Schnibbles and Bed Runners books!  The purse insert looks neat.  I can't wait to sew!  Thank you for the fat quarter! ~ Debbie L.

I am so impressed with the customer service to your on-line customers. I recommend you all the time. I use to live in a city where there were lots of quilting shops where I could shop. Now I live in an area where there are none, so on-line shopping will be important to me now. I can't say how much I enjoy my experiences with you. Thanks again, Dorothy

Just wanted to let you know how much fun I am having working on 'Affairs of the Heart' The fabric selections have just been marvelous. This is my first full applique Quilt and I am progressing with my stitches and I look forward to the next group of Blocks. Once I complete this one I will be starting another one of your Block of the Month programs. I am so glad I found you. ~ Sherrill H.

I received my order today from Stitchin Heaven. I had to take the time to send this short e-mail. It is the most beautiful packaging of any fabric I have every purchased. To receive this fabric laid out in a wicker basket was such a surprise and really made my day. It is always fun to get new fabric but to have it presented so beautiful deserves a thank-you note. I look forward to purchasing more from you. Only wish I lived closer to have a look around your store. It must be totally awesome! ~ Thanks again, Debbie S.

Hi Girls, Just wanted to thank you for giving me the item discount, using my coupon and placing in my box of items a Stitchin' Heaven tote full of exciting things. It was a happy event when I opened the box. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

I received my order # 53378 today and am thrilled! I LOVED the packaging and the goodie bag. Thanks! Dorothy

I have just recieved the Bali Wedding Star kit: it's so beautiful!!! I thank you very much. Regards, Isabelle

Oh my gosh, my OU college Quilt Kit just arrived! I opened it doing lunch for all the girls here at the office to see and they love the kit. Now they all want me to make them quilts.
I want to thank all of you for the beautiful quilt kit in the basket and the lovely fat quarter. This exceeded my expectation and you promptness it getting it sent out. I will be doing alot of business with you. Again thank you very much! ~ Regina in Texas

What a delight!  I received my order today, with the informative ads for cruises, etc.  The free fat quarter is delightful, and your cute message on the outside of the box made me laugh out loud.  Thank you!  Sincerely,  Susan

Thought you'd like to know that my version of The Garden Club won Best of Show at the Twin Rivers Quilters Guild show Oct 29. Boy was I thrilled. I made the quilt as a wedding gift for my son and his bride of Oct 2. I had a lot of fun making this, you guys did a great job withthe monthly kits, Kathleen Connor's designs are just beautiful. ( I let her know, too) Believe it or not mine was one of TWO Garden Club Quilts entered in this show! The judge was astounded to be judging two. Thanks for your great service, for being such a great BOM headquarters! ~ Rosemary T.

I enjoy your newsletters with all the new and wonderful items you have for sale and the amazing trips. I really appreciate "the lighter side" stories which I send on to my friends. Thank you. ~ Carolyn H.

I participated in the buy 7 get 7 yards free sale.  I received a phone call indicating you  only had four of the fabrics I ordered.  I explained, as best as I could, to the lady who called from your shop what I making.  I told her I was looking for batiks in fall colors and that I would leave it up to her to make the color choices.
My order arrived yesterday and I cannot tell you how happy and pleased I am with the batiks that she selected.  They are just what I needed and wanted.  I could not have done a better job if I had been there.

I have relatives who live in Longview and I plan one day to drive over to your store, when I come to visit them. Thanks a million ~ Sarah

Your newsletter is the best!  I loved 'the puns' in the Artful Bras article, and we both (my husband and me) laughed until tears rolled.   We are full-time rv'ers with our legal address in Livingston TX.  We haven't decided where we want to settle down when the time comes, but your newsletter makes me want to move to Quitman!  Keep 'em coming! ~ Jan R.

I like what I see on your site--always have. There is usually something I want to purchase but with so much to do already, I hold myself back from buying anything new.  Especially BOM! Just finished quilting "Luv 'n' Texas"; instead of hand embroidery, I did machine embroidery & it looks great! Now doing machine applique to my Wm Morris 'Friends' blocks hoping to finish, including quilting, before my next catarac removal. In addition, on your site, I enjoy seeing where you've opened new areas of interest: quilt cruises, travel sites, quilt gallery, and, through hearsay, something about a state-wide fabric shop hop. I'm saving $$$$ for that one! ~ Daniel P., Georgetown, TX

I want to take a minute to tell you,whoever does your newsletters,is an angel. (Woo hoo! That's me!) Excellent work.Out of all the quilt shop e-mails I get, this has to be the tops. I take your "On the lighter side" & send it out to my friends. I look forward to them coming. It really gives us ladies a good thought for the day. Keep up the good work. Again thanks, Jo S.

I already get your newsletter emails and I have to tell you that your website is my all time FAVORITE and I always look forward to seeing what you have to say or sell on it.  Keep up the good work! ~ Sheila H.

I receive your "Hot Flashes" newsletter and simply love it.  I just have to tell you that you are #1 in the top 10 shops in my book.  You are fun and are always looking for fun, it seams.  I just love you ladies.  You need directions from Houston.  One day, I am going to come see you, hopefully with a wad of money.  But mostly just to meet you all in person.  I think that I can already hear the laughing in the background.  Love ya,  Betty

Just want to say I was totally surprised and overwhelmed by the package I received on Sat. 6/12/10 containing all those wonderful quilting notions.  It means so much to know that someone actually wants to recognize the purchases I have made.  You can be certain that I will continue buying from Stitchin Heaven, you made my day.   thanks, jerry

I recently purchased Bear Mountain Cabin Quilt Kit and backing. It came while I was on vacation with my son-in-law house/dog sitting for me. Well first of all I want to thank you for wrapping the package so well in all the plastics, because it sat outside for a few days with rain and it was not seen by my sitter because he used another door to enter the house. When he found it wet and faded he was afraid something was ruined. But thanks to your careful packaging everything was in perfect condition. The fabrics are beautiful and I look forward to getting started on this project. Many thanks to you.
~ Sincerely, Jean B.

Hello, I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Stitchin' Heaven on my recent visit with my sister this month.

I have been enjoying your newsletter for some time and always wished I could go there.  Little did I know that it was so close to where my sister lives in Winnsboro.  I bought several items while there and can't wait to get started on the Lattice Work quilt by Eleanor Burns.  The Purple Thang was a big hit when I gave it to my quilting buddy.  I shared the "Sewing Ladies" fabric with my friend also.  She and I have made quite a few tool caddies with it and they are also a bit hit with our quilting group here in Longview, Wa.

Stitchin' Heaven was the highlight of my vacation.  Thank you so much to your wonderful store and the employees who were so friendly and gracious. ~ Joanna in Longview, WA.

Just wanted to let you know what a great time my friends and I had on the bus trip.  Your shop is marvelous.  We can't wait until next year. ~ Sandra M

Just a note to express my appreciation for your participation in the Patchwork Express bus tour.  Your shop was fantastic.  You had those grab bags that were a great bargain.  Everyone in the shop was friendly and very helpful.  You took those extra steps that mean so much to a quilter like that ruler with my purchase.  All those things do not go un-noticed. Thanks again for making my weekend special.  I look forward to next time. ~ Drena C.

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful "bus hop" experience this past weekend. As is always the case when I come to your shop it was like being in a candy store!! Thank you for all you did to make our visit such a pleasure. ~ Rhonda

To all the wonderful ladies from Stitchin Heaven Quitman, TX, Thank you very much for the overly generous gratuity!! The two days we were on the 700 mile journey did not at all seem like work. I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to seeing you all and a few more next year.
PS: I went ahead and threw those guys numbers in the trash. There is no way they could have as much fun as you did. Thanks again!! ~ Gerald (Patchwork Express bus driver)

Thank you so much for making our bus experience at your store so memorable!
Your store is wonderful and we believe a favorite among our group of ladies. We loved all the quilts, bolts and bolts of fabric and your experienced knowledgeably staff were so friendly and willing to help all of us make decisions and answer a multitude of questions!
Your organizational skills for this bus trip made our job as Bus Mom’s so easy – the maps and well thought out schedules were great! While we know that other stores had bus opportunities our driver, Larry Lammey was exceptional!
We know your weekend was a huge success, as it certainly was for us! Thanks again for making us feel so welcome! ~ Suzy’s Quilt Shop Bus Mom’s – Penny – Diana – Yvonne & Julie

Thank you so much for taking part in the PWEx. We had a blast!
Could you please send me the recipe for that wonderful soup we had for lunch? Or possibly put the recipe in the newsletter if you're getting a lot of requests? Thanks ~ Jewel

Hi Ginni,Thanks for your efforts, I just got the UPS tracking number.
By the way, I work in a quilt shop in Intercourse, PA (Lancaster County). Just last week a group of quilters on a nationwide tour stopped by Village Quilts (my shop). We chatting about various things like blocks of the month & what we like and don't like to do. It turns out that a kindred spirit is doing your Dear Jane BOM, and two other BOMs, AND is wait-listed like me on the William Morris Sampler...I told them about this experience with the Ladies of the Sea pattern...and how impressed I was with your trying to save me money...the other quilters who shop with you said that this level of service is par for the course for Stitchin Heaven!!! Two of the quilters were from Texas, but the rest of the group was from all over the US. I thought that you might like to hear about this.
Village Quilts has perhaps 28 competing stores within a 3 mile radius. We go to extremes to welcome visitors to PA Dutch Country. Our quilts are commissioned from local quilt artists who are paid for their work. They are not doing whatever on consignment; we want to control the quality of the work from fabric selection to finishing touches. And we believe in the power of intention in that we go to the nth degree to satisfy our clientele. We have been successful at what we do because of going that bit extra for our guests. That is how we succeed with all of that competition, by placing the customer first and providing unparalleled workmanship.
It is nice to see that effort at Stitchin Heaven. Thanks again, Ginny

I just wanted to thank you for adding a bit of laughter and smiles to my day with the On the Lighter Side part of your newsletter. ~ Julie S.

I visited your shop on 3/8/10 and had a delightful time! Your displays and fabrics are lovely! Thank you for your hospitality! Best regards, Karen B. ~ Boise, ID

My daughter, Shelley, and i just love your store. Everytime her dad and i come to Quitman for a visit she and her family Stitchin Heaven is on our list of places to go and things to do. Thank you so much for being kind and helpful. ~ Diane M.

Hello, I just wanted you to know that I've been around the block. I have been quilting, teaching, designing fabric, designing patterns, etc. You have the best block of the month programs I've seen. Not only are they nicely packaged but you also give a little more than one needs. So many times you are working with frayed edge because you had to squeeze your patterns on to a tiny amount of fabric. Having your fabric keys on line is also very helpful. I just can't say enought about your good service. You have wonderful employees and the best of all is the joke at the end of your newsletter! I'm a fan!
Thanks, Debbie

I want to compliment your staff on the high quality services that you give, especially to your online customers. I started the BOM  AMG in May of 2008. Yesterday I pulled out all the fabric,because I am finally ready to start working on it. I also finally read the letter you sent about your BOM Fabric Key.
I hit the icon and there was the fabric chart for all of my 14 months of blocks. I have copied them today. And today I have the fabric guides for all 14 months that I ordered in 2008. You all are awesome!  I couldn't believe that you would still have the fabric key from 2008. Thanks so much!
~ Rosalie Cochran
a dedicated Stitchin' Heaven online customer

Dear Stitchin' Heaven/Susan Garman, I finished 2 Ladies of the Sea! One quilted by Kristi and the bllue by marilyn . Marilyn's on long arm. Krisit's by home sewing machine.

I am definitely an appliquer - the only difficulty was triangles and corner squares. It was a great challenge.

In buying fabric for backings etc at 34 Ave in Phoenix, a couple of friends of Susan's were there. Small world. I regret not talking with them more. The confusion at the moment of giving measurments - showing blocks, was crazy.

Your fabric was very ample. I almost did the 2 quilts from your packet. Thank you, and enjoy pictures. Sincerely, Fairy E.

Hi to everyone at Stitchin' Heaven,I just received a quilting booklet in the mail from you today, Nine-Patch Pictures by Trice Boerens. It was a gift I had won through a contest you participated in. I would like you to know how much I appreciate it. There are some really cute quilts to make from the booklet and I am anxious to get started on a few (as soon as the heat index drops...gosh, I love to quilt, but this heat makes it unbearable. See, even in New Hampshire we get the hot weather! In stitches, ~Paula B~

My "Ode to the 30's" kit arrived yesterday, and I'm just thrilled with it. I really appreciate the time invested in preparing each of the block kits, so that they are easy to follow and prepare. Last night, I got busy and cut the blocks from the first two months kits, so I'll have them ready to take to my Guild Retreat in 28 days . . . but who's counting? Thank you for the wonderful project! ~ Linda

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that I am so excited that you are carrying the Martelli rotary cutters!! This is such a great product that I was amazed no one in our area had them. I have been using this cutter for about three years since I found them in a little bitty booth at the Houston show. This cutter makes it possible to work literally hours longer because it does not put stress on your wrist and hand. I had a tendency to grip my rotary cutter too tight as I cut fabric, and I couldn't work for very long without a very sore wrist. With this cutter, I can play for hours! It did not take long to get used to the different grip because it is just a natural position for your hand. I love this product!!
I also wanted say hello to my friend Linda Vermillion. I haven't been able to visit the shop since the Eleanor Burns retreat, but I always look forward to the Hot Flashes in my email. I have to say... We have two quilt shops in Tyler, but I feel more at home with the friends at Stitchin' Heaven. Thanks for all you do! ~ Mary

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone at Stitchin' Heaven for their fantastic international service. I've had several BOMs from you and have been thrilled with the service. Thanks once again, Pat

These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous!! This is my third Patchwork Party; I wish I had known about it from the beginning. I had trouble with the templates initially and put it away until I got this fabric and realized I would have to tackle the templates again. After I got some grippers on them they didn't shift when I was cutting and were much easier with which to work. Now I do like them and have subsequently finished my original blocks and these blocks and most of the ones from the 2009 Winter Edition. I'm waiting for my finishing kit to complete it. What a great idea and I'm already anxious for the fall/winter edition!! ~ Mary

I am so happy to be on your mailing list. I love reading your newsletter! You bring sunshine into my home.
I don't order often because my income is very limited but will continue to do so because you always have what I need and more! Thank you. I look forward to our QuiltedAngels Retreat next April and shopping with you in person! ~ Rosie D.

I love your website, makes you feel like you are in the store shopping, everyone is so helpful (I call in my orders)
Happy 4th of July ~ Delores

Just wanted to thank Sandra Coffey for the package of fabric. I truly appreciate her addressing my problem so quickly. I love the Applique Affair quilt and have enjoyed stitching the first 2 blocks. Was concerned I wouldn't have enough fabric to complete blocks 3 and 4. Thanks again Sandra for coming to my rescue. It has been a pleasure working with you. Donna

Dear Stitchin Heaven Friends, Thank You for the free "Log Cabin" quilt book. I've always wanted to make a log cabin quilt. This book has given me new inspiration and a different flowery twist for making the quilt, which I'm sure to enjoy sewing.
Thank You Again, Wilma

love your website and your boms Hard to decide what I like ~ Mildred

The two bull rider pillow cases I made were a big hit with eveybody that saw them, now they want curtains for the camper windows!  Thanks for putting the kit together for me. ~ Delores N.

Just a word of thanks for your delightful newsletter.  I always feel a little lift when I see it in my in-box and know that it will inspire me to start yet another new project.  Thank you for all the work that goes into it and the wonderful people that work in your shop.  Happy quilting. ~ Dianne J.

I just wanted to send a big thanks for your information and online services. I honestly can't remember who I spoke with and about the Indian Summer quilt back towards the end of February. We exchanged a few emails and I think phone calls about my questions and whether I had the "expertise" to complete the project. I had considered myself a good seamstress and new-ish quilter. I had all the basics down, just hadn't tackled "big" projects.

I've attached a couple of photos of my finished quilt top. It began as your kit, but due to a small addition on my part, the whole thing grew exponentially! I accidentally added an extra strip to my log cabins which made everything grow. Everything was non-standard according to pattern directions, etc. Well, I learned that a pattern is just a point from which to start................ It has turned out to be gorgeous and is now off to the long-arm quilter to be quilted and ended up being 100x100!!!

I'm thrilled with everything that you sent me to begin with.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca H.

Just to let you know that my order arrived quickly & completely. Can't wait to get started on a new project. THANK YOU, Analeise!!!!!!!!! You were a delight to work with & look forward to my next shopping spree with YOU!!! ~ Donna

Hi Debby, I received my Scissor Set today. Wow!!!! It is beautiful. Thank you so much. I could not believe that I had won a prize in the Sewing Room Makeover contest.

I really enjoy getting your e-mails and I recently placed an order with you. I received the order in record time and was very pleased with it.

Thanks again and I am sure I will be sending more orders in the future. ~ Mary B.

Hi: Just a note to say Thank You for the free quilting book, Fun with Fabric Frames, I received today. This technique is new to me and definitely something I want to try. Once I deal with a few UFO's around here, will be back to purchasing fabric again. Will definitely keep your shop in mind. ~ Denise D.

Hello!  I just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday with the free book I won and the kit I ordered.  Thank you for the free fat quarter!  Also, thank you for the book "Fun with Fabric Frames".  I am looking forward to trying the ideas in the book!  The kit was packaged nicely in a basket.  What a nice surprise and clever packaging.  How nice!!!!! ~ Patricia in Killeen, TX

I came to your shop yesterday as part of the Bus tour from McKinney and your shop was by far the Best! Your staff was so friendly and welcoming and great theme! I will definately be back! Thank you again. ~ Astrid

Hi all in Quitman Texas at Stitchin Heaven
Every time I open my in box and receive your newsletter I smile. I enjoy all the beautiful kits and fabrics and especially enjoy meet the staff segments and the jokes.
Thanks, Deb W

Hi Mandy, I have already done the mystery tour 11 and in fact the Belgium quilt was the very first quilt top that I completely finished. I sent it to my father up in Canada, he was in a nursing home and was always cold. He had alzheimers for 16 years but sometimes had lucid moments one happened when he got the quilt, he kept pointing at my mothers caregivers pocket at her cell phone and they put two and two together that he wanted to call me... which he did with their help of course... everything he said came out jibberish except for the word "beautiful" so if I never stitch another quilt that was worth all my hard work. Sadly he only was able to use it for about 10 months as he passed away Oct 5. When I arrived at the church where my sisters were setting up a nice little display at the front of the church what should be there but the same quilt .. so I have some sentimental feelings for the Belgium quilt
What I would like to do is the "charm school" for awhile, you guys come up with such creative things.. so do I need to sign up for that or can you add me to your list as you already have my credit card number and all.
Thanks, Beth

I love your website. I am just learning to quilt. I did the purse/tote it was fun. So, I hope to continue to learn more, and take classes, etc. Thanks ~ Trish in WY

Thank you for the gift you sent with my order. It is nice to receive fabric to add to my stash. ~ Joan in FL

Your ad popped up this afternoon while I was on FACEBOOK. I've been gone from Wood County now for almost 5 years, but I still maintain you have the best shop in the Country! Hello to all my friends in Quitman. ~ Sue in MD

I have been an online customer for about a year now. With my last purchase from you I received a thank you note and a free FQ gift for my loyalty to your store . I truly appreciate it. One of the highlights of my time when I’m online is to browse through your website and drool over just about everything. If I had the time and the money, I would be buying so much more from you. I can hardly wait until I win the Lottery so I can just buy everything my heart desires from you. I just wanted to let you know how much your “cyberspace” customers appreciate the wonderful job you do on your website in offering such wonderful items for sale to us in such a user friendly way. Thank you so much!
Wishing you the very best in 2009 and way beyond! ~ Rosalie

You all are just the sweetest bunch of ladies to deal with. I have thoroughly enjoyed shopping with you since only about 2 years ago. All of the ladies couldn't be nicer.
Thanks, Pat V.

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next. Yours is the most creative quilt shop I've found. You have lovely things and wonderful ideas. I just wish you were in Connecticut. I'm going to have to schedule a trip to Texas. I'd love to meet you folks and see the store in person.
Thank you for being great! Martha

Just got my shipment from you and I have to send you another thank you for my "goodies". Love the fat quarter and the box of pins! How generous. You may be in a small town but you do things in a big way and this customer appreciates you. Again, thank you. Sandy in WA

I love visiting Stitchin' Heaven - both in person and on line. And you have such wonderful blocks of the month. I just signed up for another one. I already have one going, and I just finished one! (Well, it got over - I'm not finished yet because it's an applique one and I work slowly). I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful store you are - friendly people, helpful workers, and dynamite service!!! ~ Bonnie

I am signing up for two additional BOM clubs. I can't say enough about your Ode to the 1930's BOM. I have become addicted, and my husband finds me sewing at 3 in the morning. You guys do a great job and I can't wait till I get my BOM package each month. Thanks... Suzy in MS

Dear Sweet Texas Women, THANK YOU .... THANK YOU!! for welcoming Debbie and I to your shop on Monday...right??? ( I honestly can not remember when we came!) My husband and I have traveled seeing friends and family EVERYWHERE!! plus I dropped off my fifth and final child at Baylor University... She has wanted to go there forever.....
Thank you Deb, and every one on your staff that welcomed us with a smile and help with everything.. We loved your shop!! You are all so helpful ... When I got to Deb's ( my sister in law's home in Tyler_) I looked over the fabric and kits .... and when I got to Waco,,,,, I did the same thing... I looked over the kits. I am so excited... Thank you for your kindness and your warmth and your help. Lord willing , I will have the opportunity to visit you all again. I am now praying for a place to rent for a few weeks to a month down in Waco and sew to my heart's content while seeing my daughter occasionally!! Joy is adopted from Japan and is special beyond words to me.
I am sorry that I will not be able to join your charm school. For reasons of slowness and being rather new to quilting... and knowing that I am keeping up with elderly parents and newly grown and flown the coop kids, I will only frustrate myself!!1 Thank you for the info and the offer, though.
And, any time you all come to Chicago Please give me a call or visit Wheaton... I will take you to my favorite shop here!
One of my favorite shops is called Pieceful Hearts in Lisle (pronounced lyle) Gina is the owner and knows me...... Keep me posted!!
May you all continue to bless those who visit you in person and on the site!!!!

I just recieved my first block of the month package and it was more than perfect. I ordered aunt millies garden I love reds. I thought when I saw that solid red background piece I had better test it, it did not bleed any I am truley a very satisfied customer. I also love the newsletter I look forward to it. I can hardly wait until next month. Regina in AR

I just wanted to write and thank you for the piece of fabric you sent at the end of June. What a delightful surprise, and believe it or not, it will fit perfectly with a project I'm planning right now. The panel of antique patriotic pictures is just right for a colonial style quilt that I will be starting soon. Thank you so much. What a nice gesture on your part. I will be sure to remember this when I want to order quilting items. Karen, Edgar, Wisconsin

Hi Deb, First of all, let me tell you how much I LOVE your site!!!! My sister lives in Texas, and you can bet your sweet fabric that I am going to be finding your shop the next time I go down to visit her!!! The other thing is, although I've been on your site for almost two hours, I cannot find that dang bunny!!! Can you give me a hint? Thank you sew much, and I look forward to seeing your shop in person :)
Blessings, Gloria

Your site is one of the MOST enjoyable ones I've found. What fun! Rebecca in MT

Got your newsletter tonight about the Memorial Day Sale. Saw the poems writtern by Bob Miles. Just wanted to let you know how much I appriciated you including them in the newsletter. All 3 of them are very well writen. The reason I didn't check the box for you to send me your newsletters is I all ready get them. Love getting them and hope to get them for a long time.
Sincerely, Barbara

I can't express how good I feel. I have always loved to come to Quitman to shop with you and always enjoy your emails. I have purchased books and patterns by phone from you and always appreciate your service. However, I must tell you that all that pales by the fact that you will honor our veterans by remaining closed on Memorial Day. Our friends son was recently killed in Iraq. My uncles and also my husband have served this country. By remaining closed to honor our military, you honor all those that support them, too.
My deepest heartfelt thanks. Judith, Longview TX

I have had a "horrible" work day today -- but -- when I opened your email and read the 710 joke ....I immediately broke into laughter. THANKS for making my day! THIS was priceless! ~ Jackie

Really enjoy your shop goodies, e-mail bargains, and also the "lighter side". Just had to let you know how great my morning started learning what a "710" is. My husband enjoyed it too. He also is happy I enjoy my passionate hobby of quilting. He is very supportive. Have shared your site with a few of my quilt buddies. Will send this e-mail to all in my quilt circle. I'm sure they will enjoy your we site as much as I do.
Thanks sew much, Sandra Mt. Washington, Ky.

Thanks so much for the gift certificate I won through FabShopHop. I enjoy the shop hops very much and always look forward to them. Your shop is wonderful and I only hope I get to come visit you some day. Thanks again!
BJ in Oregon

I am already signed up for your newsletter and have been "lurking" for a long time. I finally decided to order from your site when you had a sale and received my package of two patterns and fabric today. I also received a very pretty FQ as a freebie and I was like a kid opening a Christmas present! Thank you so much! The fabric is beautiful and the patterns! I can't wait to start sewing! Again, thank you for the free FQ, and I am looking at your site again to order!
Warmly, Patty

Hi, We were visiting your area on our way back to Michigan March 18th. My husband want to go fishing on Lake Fork and he did. We were in your store and I purchase fabric to make the Paddington Bear Quilt. You gave me the pattern and I completed the top and had it quilted with bears running through the quilt. It turned out nicely. Thank you so much. We are heading to Connecticut for a baby shower this weekend and I can't wait to give it to our son and daughter-in-law. Our new grandchild is expected the first of June. If and when we head back to Texas we will make Stitchin Heaven a must stop. Also I enjoy reading the Hot Flashes.
Nancy, Fenton, MI

Nichole - I received the Tropical Sundance kit and it is beautiful. I can't wait to start on it this weekend!! You have gone above and beyond - putting it in a basket! If I wasn't in such a rush to get it done I would place the basket and fabrics on my table and just admire them for a couple of days. But....this time the fabrics can't linger very long..they have a wedding to get to.
Thank you so much and I will order more items from your internet store in the near future. I am a kit junky...just don't have the time to shop for fabrics and am pretty color challenged..always get about 3/4 of the way done and can't find the final fabrics I like!
Cindy, Poolesville, MD

You have done a wonderful job with your Online store. It is user friendly and you have a gallery of wonderful products. Thank you for a great job done. ~ Cynthia, Porterville, CA

Thanks Nichole – you and Stitchin Heaven is so wonderful to work with. It has been a really long time since I have experienced such outstanding customer service.
I enjoy being your customer! I’m signed up for the Patchwork Express – maybe I will get to meet you in person! Thanks Again! ~ Julie!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order of "White Chocolate" kit this past Thursday and am delighted with the fabrics and the packing baskets was very nice. I look forward to purchasing from your store again in the future. ~ LaJune, Cartersville, GA

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKYOU. Love the fabric, an extra special thank you for the free fat quarter! Looked like velvet when placed against the winter white fabric I purchased. Loved the batiks, I'm coming back for more! And Thank you for the great service. Regards, Marita from Australia.

I was practically camped out by the mail box waiting for my 'Joy of Life' BOM. When it arrived I was certainly not disappointed. Besides being a beautiful pattern, you did a wonderful job with fabric selection. I was also impressed with how nicely the fabric was cut and presented. Kudos to the person responsible.
We have a new granddaughter, Anna, and this will be an heirloom quilt for her. I plan to put her name, birthdate, her parents names, and her big sister's name in the quilt. ~ Pamela in MO

Just to let you know my order No 23080 - Paddington Kit arrived safely today. Thank you also for the fat quarter and rubber duckies. They are so cute! Regards, Kay, Taupo, NZ

You really outdid yourselves on the Mardi Gras yesterday -- everything was wonderful and you guys really know how to throw a party !! Thanks to all of you :-) Ricky

Dear Staff, Thank you for my order which arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with the books and also thank you so much for the fat quarter. A lovely surprise and much appreciated. Your newslletters are always informative and I love the humour that you add. Thanks again. Regards, Kay in NZ

LOVE the new logo...Such a classy Texan design!  I so appreciate your e-shop and great web presence.  Here's to at least 11 more years...CHEERS!
~Jennifer in Austin

Great new website!
~ Shellie of Aurora, CO

I LOVE THE NEW LOOK OF THE NEWSLETTER!  Wow!  I love it.  Have been looking through everything for the last 40 minutes. You girls rock!
~ Janette of Paris, TX

I KNOW THAT LADY!!!  Not many times do I open the Dallas Morning News and know the person in an article but to know the lady of a full page article is something special - I guess that is because she is special and has a shop full of employees who are also special.  Congratulations Stitching Heaven on beginning 12 years of helping quilters with new & creative ideas and for having a wonderful shop with fun people to work with & buy from & to occasionally "pick on".  Congratulations Debbie on a good article about a very creative lady. It's nice to know you!
~ Judy VanWinkle

When I saw Debbie's photo in the DMN this morning, I had a mental arm pump, a YE-ES! moment.  Enjoyed the auction last weekend, meeting Debbie, and getting a private lesson from a wonderful lady on the use of steam-a-seam while doing my Botanica BOM.  I had a houseguest with me from S.C. who was transported to a place her working life doesn't allow.  She was mesmerized by the store, its graciousness, and the generosity in giving away all those quilts. That is just what the quilting community is all about. What fun!

What a terrific website! I stopped by as part of the ShopHop and was truly amazed -- and stayed to snoop!! Thanks for great organization, clear displays and a real treat in terms of websites/online shopping! ~ Gail in Canada

Good morning,   I received my order yesterday and I am just delighted! My entire experience with your quilt shop has been a joy.... easy ordering, fast shipping... and what a lovely presentation on the bubblegum quilt! (Will be ordering a few more of those as gifts for my dearest quilting friends as soon as I can decide on the colors!)  

Thank you for the extra "bonus gift" as well.... you can be sure that I will return again soon.  :)   Have a wonderful weekend    smiles,     Terri

Hi Deb,   I still get your e-newsletter and this morning I saw the changes you've made. WOW! The new logo is fabulous and your website is absolutely stunning! Very classy and I have to say one of the best designed websites I've come across.   Congratulations and best wishes for great success,   Carol

Hi Nichole,
My internet order arrived today and I just wanted to write to tell you how thrilled I am! Not only did it arrive quickly, and was packaged so beautifully, but you also included a free fat quarter that goes so well with the black & white fabric I ordered, all of which will go into one of the quilts I'm finishing as a Christmas gift. I probably shouldn't admit it, but I thought that a free fat quarter would probably be ugly, or just be something random, so I didn't expect such a beautiful (and coordinating!) piece of fabric. Thank you so much!!!

It was also really wonderful that you included the little rubber duck. My son Will, who's 2, "helps" me with the mail, so he was standing there when I opened your package. Of course he was sure that the little duck was just for him. Such a nice surprise -- thank you so much.

As I mentioned to you on the phone, we recently moved to the Lafayette area in Louisiana, and all there is for fabric stores here are a very small Joann's and a Hobby Lobby with a very small fabric section. I was used to living 5 miles from Quilt Country, when we lived in Carrollton, Texas, so needless to say, I was very spoiled! I'm so happy to know that shopping online with Stitchin' Heaven is so easy and such a joy, all the way around.

My shopping experience with your shop could not have been better and I could not be happier! You can be sure that you will be hearing from me again, soon!

Thanks again so very much and take care, Tracey E

Deb, Thanks for all the wonderful Birthday Bash specials. They made shopping at Stitchin Heaven even more fun. Happy Birthday! ~ Wynn H

I made a mistake & ordered books & patterns before your birthday sale. I also forgot to add a book. So I called y'all & was helped by Nicole. She had already earmarked my order & was going to call me but I called you first. Neither of us could find the book I wanted to add. I looked a third time & found it so I called again. I had the wrong title. Nicole's voice was still cheerful as she added it to my order. She is a gem! I did not feel foolish after I talked to her. I worked at a local quilt store in Spring, Tx. They closed earlier this year. John & Julienne both stressed customer service to us. I thank Nicole for all her patience & help in this matter. Keep up the good work. No wonder I love to visit your internet site. One day I hope to make it to Quitman to meet y'all. Thanks again . Phyllis B.

I recently received my Boo kit from you and the fabrics are fabulous as well as the backing you chose...I just love your newsletter and often forward your words of wisdom at the end...keep up the great work. ~ Gail in Canada

OK, are you guys really in Texas and not living in my backyard? I am totally impressed that an order I placed after lunch (Pacific time) on Wednesday could be delivered to my mailbox today (Saturday). So, I do not believe you are in Texas :)

Speaking of the package (I ordered the Starring the Half Square... kit), the kit was in a rather cute basket and wrapped in plastic -- what a great presentation. I also received a couple of fat quarters, a complimentary pattern and a store pin... I do not see how you will be able to stay in business giving such great service and freebies :) I am planning on bringing the package to my guild meeting on Wednesday (shh, we meet at a fabric store) to show the women my great discovery...As I noted in my order, I found you from an ad placed on the artista digest I receive. I feel like I need to send you all something :) Your shipping department had a perfect sized box and taped it with the right amount of tape. I work at an e-commerce shop and know how important the shipping process is. There are only two small things that would make everything perfect for me: having the items in a plastic bag (I live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains a lot - from mailing out silk ribbons at my job, we have saved a lot on claims because the ribbon was in perfect shape even though the package got wet between out shop and the final destination), and a follow up email to let me know the package was on the way (but you may not have had enough time to do this).
Thanks so much ~ Ellen L. Redmond, WA

Thanks so much for helping me get the white choc cake recipe. Also please give my thanks to Nelda, for the fine job she did helping me get that white choc quilt kit ordered. My husband really was out fishing that day and did have the credit card with him. It was a real fish story. My husband is very obliging with my quilting habits. I told him how far you are from Bonham, Tx. He said that would be a nice day trip when we are in Texas next Feb. Hope we can get to meet you folks there. I have been quilting for almost 35years. Quilting has come a long way since I started. I was lucky to have some older ladies, including my mother to help me along the way. My best to all of you. Thanks again.~Gloria B. in rural Iowa.

Thank you!! I have so enjoyed the newsletters, products ordered and your creative, enthusiastic and truly honest appreciation of your customers. If I am ever in Texas, I will be sure to drop by the shop. I just wish I lived closer to take advantage of some of your truly wonderful class offerings! Thank you!!! ~ Sharon C.

Dear StitchinHeaven gals who put together and work on the Dear Jane BOM.

A HUGE thank you to each of you who contribute to this wonderful program. I am one of those quilters that that would be fun, and then several years later, finally get around to starting the project. Such was the case with "Dear Jane' which I subscribed to in 2005.

About three weeks ago I finally was time to tackle "Dear Jane".....I had been hearing horror stories about those "little bity blocks". Well....thanks to you, and to Sarah Francis' instructions, I am now working on D blocks, and hope to continue at this pace to completion. I love the fabrics that were picked for this quilt, and have enjoyed every block I've made....some have taken longer than others, but it has been fun!

I know that you have sent out many Dear Jane kits over the past few years.....I would imagine that those recipients have enjoyed having them just as much as I do.....Thank you for this program!!!!!

Your stitching friend...joan m.

Just got my order and the batiks are gorgeous! Your scans truly are great. A special thank you for the last minute change per phone on one fabric, Anna(sp?) was so polite even after my second call in a few minutes to clarify my order. A nice note from Nichole on a back-order item, also. The Moda bag is outstanding! What a great surprise. Thanks for a great shopping experience. If I am ever in the Quitman area you all(or should I say ya'll being from NC)will get a great big hug!!! Thanks again, Carole

I received my order yesterday and couldn't be more pleased. The fabrics are just as beautiful as they looked on your site!!! I even love the free fat quarter you sent. That sale was really great. Thanks again, Karen

I just wanted to tell you, this is the first time I've received your
newsletter and it's the best I've every seen. Just great! ~ Hazel in Oregon

Hi Deb: About four years ago I ordered a quilt called
"Cindy's Butterflies" from you. Just this past spring I made it and have just finished the top. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with the Moda prints. Your instructions were great and the amounts of material (I wanted to enlarge mine) were perfect. Thank you very much - I wish you were my lqs.~Ruth, Orillia, Ontario,Canada.

"Hey There Quilting Friends! I received my very first Primavera pack in the mail last week and I am SO excited! You truly are the Block of the Month Divas, I have to say!! It was so nice to have a picture of the fabric and the note as to what part of the block it is for. I am kind of new to quilting and to shopping on line and this was truly a HUGE help to me. I ordered a kit similar to this elsewhere and although it is wonderful, I have no idea what fabric goes to what piece, because the fabric is not the same as the picture. That is why I will now order all of my kits from you! I really don't think I could make the quilt otherwise. Thank you so much for making my day! I will be anxiously looking to my mailbox for the next delivery from you! : ) Please thank all of the people who put this kit together. It is PERFECT! : ) Now, if I could just figure out how to get to Texas for your movie night! Sounds like a blast! Huge thanks from a very happy quilter!" ~ Shannon, Wisconsin

"I just received the Asian Charm Quilt Kit. And the free gift. And the free fat quarters. Thank you for everything. The kit is beautiful (even prettier than the internet picture) and I'm always so impressed with your packaging and fast delivery. The baskets are a lovely idea. Having ordered from several other shops on the internet you are by far the best I've dealt with. Your website is easy to negotiate and I enjoy your newsletters. It is obvious you take great pride in your shop and value your customers. I'm also signed up for one of your block of the month quilts and look forward to getting started on it. There are at least 5 or 6 more of your kits I 'm lusting to own. I may be addicted to ordering from you. Is the cure as good as the addiction? I think the answer is yes." ~ Linda R.

You are the greatest! I've had great orders completed through you and your items arrived in perfect condition. I'll recommend you to all my friends and hopefully they'll take my recommendation as true and shop with you like I have. Your fabric is top-notch and I love all your gift items. Keep up the great work and may God bless you in your work ahead of you. You deserve all the wonderful praise you get...Judy

I wanted to tell you I was in your shop the 1st week of March. I live in New York and was visiting a friend in Longview. I saw you in the Quilter's Traveler Companion. Linda was so helpful. I plan to open a fabric shop here in NY and she gave me tips and information on Quilt Market. I already bought my plan tickets, signed up for classes and have hotel reservations. Thanks for all your help and the friendly staff! Lisa W.

Just wanted to let you know my order of FQ arrived today. I had requested a variety of blues, yellows & greens, not knowing if you would be able to do this. The fabric selection your staff sent was WONDERFUL.. I am so pleased with the selection and have been drooling wondering which quilt pattern to start first. I will definitely recommend your shop to anyone needing anything to do with sewing. Thanks again.

Also, your Hot Flashes is one of the best emails I have ever read. Look forward to keepin' on with all the info. If I'm ever in Texas I would love to drop by. You make it sound like a wonderful place to be... Becky

Dear Ladies,
I just had to send a big Thank You for such a wonderful day when I visited the shop last week! Make sure Deb sees this. You guys should get a raise! I felt so welcome and so did my husband. When were on our way home to California. We had driven to Maryland to spend a few weeks with our son and his family. My husband was so kind and figured out that making a trip to your store was doable. So he took me. It was a high point of my trip. I have done lots of mail order business with you and was thrilled to make the visit. We were already getting tired of being in the car, but everyone at the shop made me feel so welcome, even tho I entered through the classroom. All the ladies were so helpful and it was great to meet Nicole and put a face to the person who always gets my packages to me.

What a great surprise to arrive home and my order to be shipped was already here! You guys are fast! Thank you Lucy and the other Ladies who were so helpful and I'm sorry I don't remember all of the names.

I look forward to your newsletters all the time. I am disappointed that my shopping trip missed the date for a chance to win the Piecemakers calendar. I spent enough, I just might have had a chance! :) YOU GUYS ARE GOOD. Hope to visit again soon! Love to all of you, Phyllis in California

I just got home to a box of goodies from you and am sooo thrilled! I had ordered during your FQ frenzy sale and 'requested' all my FQ be batiks because of a swap I'm in. I wasn't sure if you would 'allow' that, but was over joyed that you honored my request in sending me 24 batiks!!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I definitely will be back for future purchases when the service is so wonderful! P.S. Thanks also for the free FQ's. It's always nice to get something for free! I'm the 'FRUGAL' type....he he. Michelle in Maine

When you had your 50% off over 20 yard sale, I was just thrilled. It was the perfect opportunity for me to stock up my stash in preparation for QuiltPink weekend, coming in Sept. I called and requested 25 yards of mixed pinks from lightest to darkest that would all work together so we could have a stock to work from to make quilts for my favorite charity! I was incredibly lucky to get Toni, she seemed to be as excited about the prospect of putting together this order as I was to order it at such a great savings. I got the box and it is such a wonderful selection! I took it to lunch with me the next day to show it of to my best friend who is also a quilter and will be helping my make these quilts for Breast Cancer Research. She was as impressed as i was! Thank you for having the sale, and for having great employees, like Toni! In Pieces, Bobbie

I just wanted to let you and your staff know how nice the store is looking and how much I appreciate all the hard work that has been involved with all the changes going on around us. All the different classes along with you and your friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff is what personally keep me coming in from "so far". Keep up the good work-Please! Sincerely, Janice Yates

am so happy with my Dear Jane blocks. The fabric is oh so Civil War - my favorites. This journey with Jane is going to be wonderful. I have wanted to start on this quilt for years and knew that I would have to join a club to do it. Sarah Francis instructions are so helpful and I like to use my CD also. Every time I have ordered from Stitchin Heaven it is exactly what I wanted and I received it so promptly!! Betsy Cooksey
PS: I can hardly wait until I receive my next packet.

I ordered my fabric in the middle of the night, hoping the order went through as placed. I got a message the next business day telling me my order had been received and before I knew it, I came home to a box on my doorstep full of yummy fabric! I couldn't have wished for better service!

In closing, I just wanted to say again what a great website yours is and what a fine job you're doing with it. Those of us out here who are quilt shop deprived really appreciate it! Sincerely, Gayle Reed, Menifee, CA

I have to tell you...there are a LOT of quilting shops out there...but you carry some unique items and your customer service and follow up to questions is wonderful. I'm happy as a member of your Thimbleberries club...although projects are piling up faster that I have time to do them! Please pass the word to all who work with you that they do a terrific job...and your shop has a fan in Maine because of it! I'll look forward to getting the Shades of Baltimore. Lauri

I could not let another issue of 'Hot Flashes' go by without telling you how VERY much I enjoy both your newsletters and your web site! I live in Northern Va about 25 miles west of Washington, D.C.. You make your classes sound so inviting! I have imagined your shop as one that is warm and inviting. If I am ever that far south I would love to take a class. You also make your town sound so friendly! Didn't mean to ramble on but thought that you might like to know how important your 'hot flashes' are to someone who also has hot flashes. Keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Julie Hussain

I recently enjoyed a visit to your shop, Dec. 31. I was in Hog Heaven!! Oh No! That's not right!!

he first time I visited your wonderful fabric shop, was with a friend. She wanted to share the experience with me, so she took me by the hand and led me there! . And you know how we quilters like to share, so I brought a friend, and together we feasted on the wonderful colors, patterns, and sensuality of fine cloth! We also like the way the bolts of fabric are displayed. It was LOVE BY THE YARD!! We just couldn't stop talking about the beautiful fabric and the friendly and helpful staff members.

like the creative ways you have of advertising your shop. Why not have a "Bring a friend day?" I'm sure your staff can come up with a creative reward....a kind of 'double your fun, double your pleasure' theme?? Do we not celebrate a Friendship Day in this country? Well, maybe it's time we did!!

"The "Last" half yard of the Yellow Rainbow Sherbert arrived last night along with the pattern and pretty fat quarters. Thank you so much. Your service is tops - prompt , efficient and courteous. My best to beautiful East Texas."
June Venable

"I recently got my first order from your company and I can't tell you how pleased I am with your service and the fun extras that were included. Now that you've gone the extra mile to confirm my address I know I'll be a loyal customer".
Debi Brooks

"What a beautiful and fun web site tour! One of the best I have ever seen. I had to stop and order the BOM, "Day at the Lake" half way through the tour. How gorgeous! Thanks for being so kind at closing time. Looking forward to future visits".
Susan Carter

"I would like to thank Diane for all of her help in ordering my new Elna 6003Q sewing machine. The store in my area had the machines on backorder and they weren't due for "a couple of months". Then, I received "Our Favorite Things, April-June 2002" from Stitchin Heaven. There was an ad for the machine that I wanted, so I called. Diane told me that they had one in stock and it would be on it's way to me in a couple of days. I can hardly wait to get it and start stitching again."
Thank you so much, Susan Petrie

Deb, I really love getting e-mail from Stitchin' Heaven. The "Here's Some Fun" at the end is great. Thank you for doing such a good job.
Linda Chipman

"I called on Monday with a "sad tale" of purchasing too little material the week before. I didn't have my receipt or the bar codes on the material. But the person that answered the phone agreed to look up my sales receipt and find the material and mail it to me. I received the material the next day. You cannot put a price on service like that. Thank you for being there for me. Your happy customer,"
Joy Blaine

"Just wanted to let you know your new web site is fabulous!!! Makes me want to take that 2 1/2 hour drive to come see you again! I also wanted to compliment you and your staff on the packaging of the quilt kits that we purchase from your site. I love the box with the handle that the kits are shipped in and the photo on the cover is a big plus! I know exactly what's in the box when I'm looking to start a new project! You all are the very best!!! Thanks bunches!!!" Kathy Bradbury

"Thank you so much!!! I LOVE doing business and shopping with your shop. I always get such good service. Thank you." Mickey.

"All the different classes along with you and your friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff is what personally keep me coming in from "so far". Keep up the good work-Please!" Sincerely, Janice Yates

"Not a question - a compliment! I wish there were someplace for feedback re Internet vendors similar to the Ebay system, because I surely would like to be able to post a positive comment about stitchinheaven! I found the foldy patterns of Donna Poster (which I had given up being able to find anywhere and actually found accidentally) and you sent me an email when they were shipped and then I got the order very promptly, all fixed up prettily with checked tissue paper and a little ribbon seal! It was GREAT!! Thanks from a very happy customer! Susan"

"I love the kits - they have arrived and are beautiful!!! Can hardly wait till I get all my Christmas projects finished so I can start on quilts for ME! Thanks for being such sweet ladies - it's always a pleasant shopping experience when I order from you and I really enjoyed meeting everyone in Houston!" Pat Ferguson

"I love you gals...I received my 25 fat qrts (floral) yesterday...........I love 'em.....more than I thought they would can bet I'm spreading your name around my quilting groups...yep, you won my heart and purse...thanks," Ann in Kansas