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Happy Travelers!


The trip was wonderful, as were our guides.  I hope they told you they were stars on stage.  Hope to travel with you again someday. (Paducah 2013) ~ Karlena S.

I had a wonderful time and want to tell you that Sandra and Nancy were super bus moms and our bus driver was also super!  It was such a good time and I won't hesitate to recommend your tours to others and perhaps will join again on another one myself!!  Again, thanks to you and Sandra and Nancy for all of the hard work and shuffling of arrangements you did.  I especially enjoyed the Libby Leeman and Alex Anderson program!!!! (Paducah 2013) ~ Susan S.

The trip to Paducah was what I hoped for and even more.   It was a wonderful trip, accommodations were very comfortable,  and we were well taken care of. (Paducah 2013) ~ Charlotte B.

Thanks, we had a wonderful time, and this will not be our last cruise!! The laser kits were awesome.  Great job. (Civil War 2013) ~ Linda E

All was very well done.....all involved were extra special people....friendly and helpful.  Thank you so much. (Civil War 2013) ~ Helen T

I was very impressed with how well organized and professional the staff was. The teachers were very friendly and helpful. The fabrics were wonderful and all new to me. My husband and I enjoyed our time together and he enjoyed time to work out on board ship and relax. (Civil War 2013) ~ Jennie N.

Already thinking about the next one. (Civil War 2013) ~ Carol C

Thanks for all your hard work at getting everything set up for this cruise and for getting the sewing rooms ready for us. I know it takes a tremendous amount of work and I am so grateful for all you do. Everything was perfect! I love that the sewing rooms are open 24/7. Hope you'll always be able to do that. And love that we could have little irons at our machines. (Civil War 2013) ~ Diane W

Just a big thank you! You guys were wonderful! (Civil War 2013) ~ Paula T

Really enjoyed everything. (Civil War 2013) ~ Edna F

Thanks Clay for being for prompt in responding and taking care of things (Civil War 2013) ~ Cheryl M

Your organization and planning was exceptional!! We felt comfortable and confident that everything was taken care of. We were so pleased that every effort was made to meet our wants and needs!   Thanks for the wonderful teachers, all the fabulous free gifts, and thanks especially for the laser cut fabric! That is the greatest!  Thank you for the "trip of a lifetime", truly!! It was the BEST cruise we have taken and it was our 5th cruise.!!!!! We are making plans to come back in March, 2014. (Civil War 2013) ~ Candy L

As a first time cruiser; I found the whole trip experience very satisfying. Having 24 hour access to the sewing room was nice. Later; past class time was an opportunity to talk more with ladies in the other rooms and see their projects. (Civil War 2013) ~ Sandy T

Everything was very organized and well planned. Dana was often on hand and provided excellent assistance, even at night!  I was very surprised that you gave away quilts! It was also nice that everyone got a doorprize. Thanks for a wonderful experience! (Civil War 2013) ~ Debbie H.

Looking back at what must have been involved in getting everything in place and set up, wow! What a great job you all did. Thank you. (Civil War 2013) ~ Gayle S

I just wanted you to know what a fabulous time both my Mom and I had on the Civil War Cruise!  It was way more than I thought possible and we will definitely be booking another cruise with you!  We were thinking the Hawaii cruise, so please let me know when that is to be scheduled!  A special thank you to your mom, Dana, and the teachers as well.  Everyone was just the best of the best!  Can't wait for the next cruise! (Civil War 2013) ~ Joan T

I originally did not find this cruise, but had booked with another quilting cruise. They did not have an online registration process. They lost my registration and said I had not filed on time, despite having had it there and losing it-
So-when I found yours, I was pleased with how easy it was for me to register and the great service you offered! (Batik 2013) ~ Leesha F.

Our first cruise with Stitchin Heaven was last year....this cruise was even better! No desire to look for anyone else when you do a fantastic job! (Batik 2013) ~ Diane M

We have sailed with other quilt cruise companies and with you last year. Stitchin Heaven is by far the best quilt cruise company. Can't imagine going with anyone else.  I tell anyone who asks and some who don't that Stitchin Heaven is the only way to go on a quilt cruise. (Batik 2013) ~ Teresa S.

I had a good experience on my first trip. I love going on RC. You and Deb had things so well planned and organized. Everything went smoothly. It takes a lot of work for an experience like this to go so well and to feel like it didn't take any work. (Batik 2013) ~ Pat M.

Stitchin' Heaven Travel was the most professional and had the most experience. (Batik 2013) ~ Jennifer C.

Had an awesome time, Thank you for making all of our arrangements. Everything was superb! (Batik 2013) ~ Linda C.

I really enjoyed the quilting cruise and will definitely do it again.  Everything was perfect and well organized.  Thanks again for the wonderful time.  (Batik 2013) ~ Debbie M

I am always giving you the utmost praise and for all the extra effort. You are all so very caring and wonderful and make sure everything is as good as it can be. (Moda 2013)  ~ Brenda H.

I am always giving you the utmost praise and for all the extra effort. You are all so very caring and wonderful and make sure everything is as good as it can be. (Moda 2013)  ~ Brenda H.

Stitchin' Heaven Travel did a fantastic job in planning, communicating & sponsoring this cruise.
Job WELL DONE! Truly enjoyed the trip!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this trip. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. (Moda 2013) ~ Kathy R.

Organization was great and always keep informed. (Moda 2013) ~ Marin P.

Everyone so friendly and helpful! You guys are fantastic! and so very generous! Love all the goodies I came home with!  One would have to search long and hard to find a complaint. All I can think of is....I needed another week! (Moda 2013) ~ Bobbi D.

I cannot say enough of the great trip. Clay was so understanding with all my phone calls and emails, wanting to make sure I had all bases covered for a smooth trip. Deb very understanding with my emails when I was anxious about things going smooth. It turned out everything went very smooth!! I told my husband I want to do this again. I had a great trip!!!! Love the teachers! I loved everything about the trip!!! (Moda 2013) ~ Nancy E.

You all made it so much fun! You were up front that it is our cruise and we can be in the quilt room or not. Also, appreciate that Clay said up front to let him know if there is a problem and not to wait until the end. (Moda 2013) ~ Mona C.

deb and clay (and rachel too!)-you guys did an awesome job-i can't imagine how much work it is to pull this kind of production off! it looked effortless. can't wait to cruise with you again. clay and rachel-congrats on your upcoming wedding-hope you have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you! was amazing! the teachers were perfect. will be really hard to top, but definitely want to cruise with stitchin heaven again. (Moda 2013) ~ Anonymous

Everyone's assistance prior to the trip was greatly appreciated, Clay's, in particular. The speed at which my questions were answered was very impressive!  Many thanks to Clay, Debbie, Rachel, and all the Bernina people for making my first cruise a wonderful, memorable experience. I would highly recommend you to anyone........  (Moda 2013) ~ Kathy S.

I felt like a guest in your home. The level of support was above and beyond. It was so much fun. I was pleased with the projects, the fabrics, the ship, the excursions, the new friends. What better vacation than to not cook, sew as much as I want, eat as much as I want and visit 3 exotic islands? (Moda 2013) ~ Carol P

I had a blast! (Moda 2013) ~ Nancy T.

I had the time of my life...I was excited about the special services that the cruise line made for my the medical needs. I will crusie again. (Moda 2013) ~ Joy B.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great trip. The bus moms were wonderful, kind and thoughtful. The bus driver was the best, taking us the back roads to see the Amish farms...Linda the guide was very personable and very knowledable ...enjoyed her , nice to talk to and she would not hesitate to answer any question...I would not hesitate to sign up for anyone of your trips, and hope to in the future...well done, will reccomend your travel group to anyone with high marks... (Amish 2012) ~ Joyce B.

The total experience was terrific! I absolutely loved all of the people who were working, Nancy, Sandra, Brian, Linda... all could not have been any better. The individual speakers were also wonderful. (Amish 2012) ~ Delane T.

I had a great time and all of you did a fantastic job. Wouldn't hessitate to take another of your trips. (Amish 2012) ~ June B.

It was so much fun to see the country side with a whole new group of friends. The food was so good and plenty of it. Really enjoyed the whole trip. Trip was well planned. Everywhere we went, we were warmly welcomed and the places we went were expecting us and prepared for a large group. Perfect time of year, beautiful colors (Amish 2012) ~ Maryln H.

Excellent! Knowledgeable teachers, friendly atmosphere, helpful associates (Hawaii 2012) ~ Grace G.

A fabulous trip, the staff was the greatest, everything was so well prepared, what a great way to get infused with energy and inspiration to get quilting! I loved the instructors. Nancy was especially fun and motivating for me. (Hawaii 2012) ~ Barb C.

So well organized. Happy friendly people I appriciate all the hard work you did (Hawaii 2012) ~ Bonnie H.

It was a wonderful cruise. Everyone was so helpful and so friendly. (Hawaii 2012) ~ Sharon S.

So many nice people and great teachers. (Hawaii 2012) ~ Cheri M.

Had a fantastic time and met some great people (Hawaii 2012) ~ Beverly L.

The trip was fabulous! This was my first bus trip & it certainly has set a high mark for future ones. Sandra & Nancy were wonderful bus much fun. (Sisters 2012) ~ Shirley D.

I really have never looked into any other one company but after the great classes, wonderful friends I met and the efficient way Clay handled everything I think no one could beat them (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Marie M.

This was the most coordinated and smooth running quilt cruise we have been on. Congrats!! (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Kay T.

Clay and Deb's attention to detail, the quilt design, everything was perfect for me. The "behind the scenes" work done by all was enormous. Great cruise. (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Barb S.

Awesome cruise. I never left the ship and didn't feel like I missed a thing. (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Cathy K.

Everything so very well organized and everyone made everyone feel like they had been friends for years. I had the best time and learned so much and enjoyed meeting so many like minded people. (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Brenda H.

You guys are the BOMB!!!! (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Lee H.

Consider me your marketing ambassador. (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Rhonda R.

You did a great job!!! (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Maggie M

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and am very grateful for all the "extras" that Clay and Deb added to make it an easy sit and sew adventure! Also, getting to know Carol, Gail Garber and Eileen Sullivan on a one on one basis. Having dinner with them and learning more about them and how they grew into their careers. The shore excursions was awesome! (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Sandy A.

I truly had a "trip of a lifetime." Thanks for everything! I have already recommended Stitchin' Heaven to friends and family. I'm also busy figuring out when to book my next quilt cruise! (Allure of Paper Piecing 2012) ~ Jennifer B.

After my first conversation (the first of many I must add) with Clay, I was sold! Although very personable and sweet, he was totally professional and knowledgeable about everything I asked him. I hung up and made our reservations. I travel quite a lot and you don't find this in an agent very makes a big difference!  I felt the entire cruise and especially the quilting classes, instructors and choice of projects was very organized and well thought out. Everything ran very smoothly and ALL projects were doable (is that a word?). I truly enjoyed the freedom of sewing whenever I wanted to and having time to do other things on the cruise as well. (Moda 2012) ~ Billie B.

Just a wonderful experience.!! (Moda 2012) ~ Jan B.

Husbands had a great time also. (Moda 2012) ~ Karen Z.

You all did a wonderful job!!! (Moda 2012) ~ Carolyn W.

The teachers were fantastic and I loved there projects and helpful hints. I feel like I know famous people now! The organization was great and I really like the new sewing machines. (Moda 2012) ~ Heather M.

Clay and Deb are true professionals. This was my first cruise and first quilting cruise and it was great. I am studying the web page, looking for my next cruise with them. (Moda 2012) ~ Cindy H.

Accommodations were nice, food was really good, conference center is right size, shows were fun, variety of activities on board was more than sufficient, excursions were terrific. Thanks for the door prizes - it's nice that everyone gets something. I had tons of fun.  Thank you and thank the teachers! (Moda 2012) ~ Mimi K.

Everything was organized, planned, coordinated, and thought out well. Clay's emails anticipated our questions and his suggestions made the whole experience much better. (Batik 2011) ~ Charles M.

The cruise was well organized, the size was great for getting to know people, the classes were well organized, we were kept up to date before the cruise and during the cruise. This cruise was so much fun I would definitely recommend it. If I could afford to go on all of them I would! (Batik 2011) ~ Linda B.

My Mom and I were thoroughly spoiled and couldn't have asked for anything better!! If I know of anyone looking for a quilting cruise, I would recommend them to you without reservation. (Alaska 2011) ~ Karen P.

The quilt instructors were great. All the travel arrangements went smoothly. I enjoyed getting to know other quilters and sewing on the days at sea. The instructors and Stitchin Heaven staff were very friendly and encouraging and helpful. I loved the quilt projects - they were very fun and I learned some new techniques from the instructors and other quilters. Beautiful fabric for the quilt projects. Great door prizes to the quilters. Still can't believe that Deb gave away 7 awesome quilts.  Awesome quilting trip. Thank you Deb and Clay for all your planning to make the trip run smoothly. (Alaska 2011) ~ Donna B.

You all had every thing well organized. The process was very easy for us as participants. You also did not expect you the be there every time the group met. (Alaska 2011) ~ Sueanne S.

I had a fantastic time. (Alaska 2011) ~ Diane H.

I can't imagine how the trip could not be a great experience. Thorough planning, do-able projects, and relaxed pace were perfect for a once-in-a-long-time vacation. (Alaska 2011) ~ Pam F.

Everything was handled great. Paperwork, notices, etc. were sent in a timely manner. This was our first cruise in 30 years. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go again. Thank you for all your hard work an patience. (Alaska 2012) ~ Brenda D.

Everything was top notch. I can't believe how organized and nice you all are. We won't hesitate to take future trips with you. (Civil War 2012) ~ Leslie R.

Very well organized, personnel very courteous and helpful. Pleasant excursion!! (Civil War 2012) ~ Anetta J.

You guys know how to do things right. I have been recommending you to everyone I know, and I will continue to do so. (Civil War 2012) ~ Carrie Q.

I brought 9 friends with me and everyone was impressed with the ship, the activities, the sewing rooms, etc. Great trip. (Civil War 2012) ~ Marilyn V.

GREAT cruise (Civil War 2012). No complaints!! ~ Anna R.

I thought you all did a fantastic job of making the cruise and quilting very enjoyable. You were all so organized, & selected great teachers & quilt projects. That's why I just signed up for the 2013 Sister's adventure. I do plan to take another cruise with you, but haven't decided when. It was so much fun to meet all the quilters ~ Betty I.

Your organization was right on. You were so willing to help with any problems. Really loved the drawing of names you had on the last night. (Civil War 2012) ~ Dona W.

You folks did a fantastic job. You are friendly and work hard to see that our needs are met. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for a wonderful cruise (Civil War 2012) with great new friends and delightful companions. ~ Marguerite N.

I don't think you could do any better than this 2012 Alaskan Cruise. Loved it. ~ Pat W.

I have already told many that if they are ever considering a quilting contact Stitchin' Heaven. Thank you for a wonderful time and "an experience of a lifetime"...your mission was accomplished in my book! (Alaska 2012) ~ Kathy P.

I have already told many that if they are ever considering a quilting contact Stitchin' Heaven. Thank you for a wonderful time and "an experience of a lifetime"...your mission was accomplished in my book! (Alaska 2012) ~ Kathy P.

Well organized event. Very pleasant staff, driver & participants. (Sisters 2012) ~ Linda R.

I enjoyed it very much Sandy and Nancy were EXCELLENT bus Mom's, and certainly emphasized punctuality and it was never an issue, we often left a few minutes before schedule. (Sisters 2012) ~ Eileen B.

Clay as always you make the cruising experience a joy. I appreciate all the hardwork and planning you put into making our trips an amazing opportunity. Looking forward to future cruises with you all. Take care.

Dear Deb & Clay,
It scarcely seems possible that the cruise is over all too soon. It was a wonderful time and I feel that I have made some new friends. I would like to thank you both and your staff for doing such a great job and for putting together the great teachers. This was not my first cruise however it was my 1st Quilting Cruise and I'm sure it will not be my last one with you. ~ Thanks again, Bernie M.

And most important ... I would like to Congratulate you and your staff for the years Stitchin' Heaven has served the quilting community .. both locally and far afield. And that applies to the travel part of your company. It is a constant challenge to be fresh, inspiring and fun, especially in the social and economic situation of today. I wish you well in the future years!!! And if our harvest goes well, I might be on another Stitchin' Heaven quilter's cruise!!!! ~ Pamela F.

Dear Debby and Clay, I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the cruise (Civil War Quilt Cruise, April 3-10, 2011). I had just returned from a two week cruise to Hawaii on another cruise line (supposedly a notch above Royal Carribean) and I found Royal Carribean to be at least one notch above the other cruise line. The food was much better, the atmosphere was much better and the entertainment was terrific.

As for the quilting portion, i am amazed at how well organized everything was. the instructors were wonderful, the pre-cut kits were such a time saver and the choices of fabrics was oustanding. I (and my three travel mates) felt that your goal was to give us the best Quilt Cruise experience possible. And you succeeded. Will we travel again with you? You betcha.

Sincerely, Gloria B.

Deb We had a great time on the cruise and enjoyed meeting you and your son. So you have Glen's e-mail address I forgot to get it and I just wanted to make sure he had mine so that he can let me know when he ships the sewing machine that I won ( I was so surprised as you never think that you will win the grand prize, I should have bought a lottery ticket that week). Thanks for putting together a great trip. ~ Layne

Hi Deb, you may not remember me from the September Quilt Cruise to Alaska, (seems like decades ago, but it was this past September 2010!) but I wanted to let you know that...drum roll...I finally finished my Victoria Quilt. I ordered backing fabric from your store and was really happy with the selection. It took me forever in bits of time: an hour here, an afternoon there, but I finished it and it came out really nice! It is so pretty and will always remind me of our cruise. I loved that I learned paper piecing and hope to continue with this technique in a future quilt. So here it is: Victoria at last. Thanks for a great cruise, and I hope to come see you in Quitman one of these days. Regards, Anna Marie

Thank you so much!!!! That trip (Oasis of the Seas cruise, Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2011) was thoroughly enjoyable and my sister and I had a wonderful time!!!! She has been diligently working on the quilts, while I have not!  BUT hope to once my sewing room is cleaned out! LOL! Thank you again for all your help. ~ Barbara H. and Beverly M.

Deb, Just a quick note to say “thank you” for putting together such a wonderful cruise. (Oasis of the Seas cruise, Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2011) AMAZING doesn’t even begin to describe it!  Meeting the designers was really cool.  The three ladies were so very different, but I enjoyed each one of them.  Edeyetta (I know I butchered that spelling) was unbelievable!!!  Talk about creative!!!

Never having cruised before, I wasn’t sure how I would like throwing quilting in the midst of things, but it was a wonderful balance. I will definitely do it again!!!

Until then . . . take care . . . and keep on quilting! :-) ~ Sherry S., Fort Worth, TX

Thanks for sending the slide show--The trip (Oasis of the Seas cruise, Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2011) was wonderful---I'll do it again sometime and I will defintely sign up with ya'll. Thanks again for everything. ~ Glenda Dale B.

You can view the slide show Glenda is talking about.

Deb, I just wanted to thank you for all the effort that you and Clay put into making the Oasis of the Seas cruise, (Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2011) so successful and to give you a special thank you for the cat quilt which I won and which is now glittering on the back of my couch awaiting a home on the wall. My first visit to the Caribbean and my first quilting cruise. Very best wishes to you both. ~ Jean M.

Just a note to thank you again for all the good arranging you and Clay did for the Oasis of the Seas cruise! (Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2011) It was terrific and I enjoyed it so much.
~ Jo D.

The cruise was awesome! As an instructor I truly appreciated all the organization that went into the planning and executing of the classes. The sewing machines on board, with the expertise of Judy and Dr. Stitch, were the best! ~ Retta

The Alaska Cruise was wonderful! Even though it’s my home state, I've not cruised the waters. The Stitchin’ Heaven staff members are cooperative, helpful--& fun, too!  The varied experience of quilters (both male & female) & their willingness to help each other made my teaching responsibilities easy. Ship accommodations were beyond my expectations. A highlight for me was visiting quilt shops in Juneau, Skagway, & Victoria BC. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the 2010 Alaska cruise. ~ Nancy R

Debby & MomDebbie, Attached is the picture of you and your mother.  We had a great time and I am really looking forward to the Civil War Cruise. You probably really got a feel for what women like on a trip like the Amish Garden & Quilt Tour. Gardens and Quilts and second most important fabric shops!!!!!! My favorite was the Carriage House and the quilting bee but then I am fascinated by different cultures and like to spend time with the people learning their ways.
~ Regards, Joan

Dear Debbie, A note of thanks for leading us on this wonderful tour of Northern Indiana. It was my first experience doing this and I had a delightful time. What a great group of ladies all with a common interest. A good leader produces good results. You did that for all of us! ~ Thanks again, Ruth Y. Temple, TX

Hi, Debby, I thought I would drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the trip, and to thank you for your good humor, flexibility and dedication to us so that we had a happy trip.  I wrote to Clay and told him that my favorite was everything, but really, my favorites were the calendar garden and the lecture by Rebecca Haarer.  I was thrilled to bring a wallhanging home from the Carriage House.  The time we spent there was a perfect beginning to the week. Thank you, again! ~ Patty W. Harker Heights, TX

Deb and Clay, I would like to thank you for providing an opportunity for our four generations, grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter, to spend time together and make life time memories.  The trip agenda was able to span all four generations and kept all of us entertained.  I would highly recommend this trip to everyone I know - the young and the young at heart. ~ Thanks again, Kathy H.

Dear Clay, Thanks.  It was a well planned, great trip.  I am not a quilter but enjoyed the many interesting experiences. Thanks, too, Debbie, you were the best. ~ Bea S.

Clay, I just wanted to tell you that this trip to Amish Country was fabulous.  Everything went smoothly, from check in to check out.  I was also pleasantly surprised when we were able to spontaneously change plans without any huge hassle.  Your Mom is a fabulous hostess and I would definitely consider going on another tour with Stitchen Heaven Travel.  Thanks again for a wonderful trip. ~ Penny R