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Scraps of Wisdom

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  • I wash and iron quilting fabric before cutting patches. Rinse dark colors separately in warm water to check for excess dye. Continue rinsing until water runs clear. Iron fabric when slightly damp for best results.
  • When I mark on fabric, I use chalk. To erase these marks, I use a soft toothbrush. The marks disappear easily. And the toothbrush doesn't harm the quilt fabric.
  • I have found a quick and easy way to remove the paper backing from fused web. After you have ironed the web to the back of your fabric, fold back a corner (about 1/2 inch), paper-to-paper. When you release the corner, the fabric will spring back, but the paper will stay creased. The creasing makes the paper separate from the fused web. Use the loosened paper corner to pull the paper backing from the fused quilt fabric.
  • While making bias strips for a Celtic knot quilt I came up with the idea of pressing the folds in the strips with my curling iron.
  • Need to remove fusible "gunk" from your favorite iron? I get some dryer sheets and press over them with the hot iron. It will remove the residue. This also works to remove the fusible product from your ironing board cover.
  • I have an extension cord that I use at quilt classes, and it's wonderful! It is a reel that contains 25 feet of cord. The reel has four outlets for machine, light, etc. It fits nicely into my sewing bag when packing for classes. 
  • Submitted by Pat Ferguson If you are in the habit of chain sewing onto a scrap of quilt fabric when you end a seam, try "bonus-piecing."  I cut scraps into squares (or half-square triangles) and keep them in a little basket by my machine.  As I end a seam, I grab two pieces from the basket and chain-sew a quarter inch seam instead of stitching onto a scrap.  As I start the next seam of my project, I clip off my "bonus piece" and toss it into a box.  Bonus piecing takes no extra time or thread and soon I have enough for a care quilt, a scrappy border, etc. With only slightly more planning I painlessly accumulate "geese," When I get all the right corners done on all my rectangles, I clip and iron the entire boxful.  Then I continue with the left corners as I work on my main project.  Right now, I am accumulating toes for a bear paw quilt.  This also works on my Block of the month program.

"Thanks Pat!! That's purrrfect . . ." Scraps